Molten Metal Manipulation (M3)

Bismuth Pligs

Secure, high integrity reversible coatings and seals

Maximising our knowledge of metal-to-metal plugging technologies for oil and gas reservoir abandonments, we are developing Molten Metal Manipulation (M3) - a range of new alloys and application techniques - to provide high integrity, reversible metal seals for the nuclear industry, defence, humanitarian aid and a range of other sectors.

Using specially developed alloy classes that can be applied in air or under water, we offer secure, high strength, reversible metal seals that can be used for sealing and encapsulation, and to repair leaks and cracks in storage tanks and civil structures. We have also developed a novel method of encapsulating materials using a low temperature metallic deposition system.

Rawwater M3 technology is based on our ability to manipulate low melting point bismuth alloys - which also possess high radioactive shielding capability - prior to complete solidification, to achieve repairs or provide metallic coatings.

Benefitting from our many years of expertise in materials science, Rawwater M3 alloys deliver extraordinary performance in the most challenging of environments. Their various attributes include:

  • Application in air or under water
  • Can withstand temperatures of 150°C for an 'anticipated' 3,000 years
  • Can withstand pressures in excess of 4,500psi
  • Are quickly applied - using different techniques for different applications
  • Easily removed by reheating - leaving the surface exactly as it was before
  • Can plug leak paths from 7 inches to 20 microns in diameter
  • No surface preparation required prior to application
  • Can be applied to fuel tanks and systems containing combustible media - without the need to degas
  • Provide high radioactive shielding capability
  • Can be applied to metals, ceramics, elastomers, polymers, composites and combinations

Demonstration of leak repair using low-temperature metallic deposition technology:

1. Water flows from ruptured steel canister
leak sealing with liquid metal 1

2. Metallic deposition stems the flow
leak sealing with liquid metal 2

3. The canister is sealed
leak sealing with liquid metal 3

Demonstration of low-temperature metallic deposition technology on raw egg:

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