Molten Metal Manipulation

M3 for Defence

Rawwater Kinetic Displacement

Also known as metallic deposition, Rawwater Kinetic Displacement involves ‘spraying’ specially formulated low melting point alloys. Examples of use include: repairing leaks in vehicle radiators and fuel tanks (without the need to defuel), as well as leaks in other mobile and static equipment.

The sprayed alloy solidifies instantly to seal holes and cracks, as well as positive and negative pressure leaks. Operating at low temperature and low pressure, the process offers exciting opportunities to carry out repairs to a range of ‘live leaks’. The solidified spray can easily be removed by re-heating.

As a result of the exceptional capabilities of our alloy spray technology, we are currently completing a Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) project to develop a prototype ‘Instant Metal Patch’ (IMP) back-pack for carrying out emergency repairs in the field. IMP will mean Molten Metal Manipulation (M3) will soon be available as a portable ‘sprayable’ alloy technology that requires minimal user training.

Applications include:

  • Repairs to and reinforcement of cracked concrete structures
  • Repairs to cylinders, containers and pipelines
  • Repairs to metal castings and blocks (gearboxes and engine casings)
  • Repairs to fuel tanks and tankers
  • Repairs to vehicle radiators, hydraulic/pneumatic systems and pipes
  • Controlling/sealing marine fuel oil leaks
radiator repair

The exceptional capabilities of Rawwater's alloy spray technology makes it ideal for emergency repairs in the field.