Molten Metal Manipulation

M3 for Defence


Operational scenarios in the military place unique demands on equipment and require novel repair solutions, often in extremely challenging environments. 

Rawwater is currently working with the Ministry of Defence to engineer M3 into a portable back-pack technology that would provide instant, emergency metal repairs in the field and on the front line.

The kit would enable military personnel to spray, at low temperature, a patch that solidifies immediately over a damaged surface – meaning, for example, that in a matter of minutes, a soldier could repair a fuel tank that had been damaged by an IED without first having to defuel.

With its ability to seal, encapsulate and fix components with a corrosion and radiation-resistant metal alloy, M3 offers a unique means of rapidly repairing and returning equipment to service, as well as carrying out temporary working repairs to maintain functionality until a complete repair can be undertaken.

Examples of use include:

  • Repairs to damaged mechanical components (e.g. gearbox and engine casings)
  • Electrical conductor repairs including battery terminals
  • Controlling/limiting fluid loss from fuel tanks, tankers, fuel and water pipelines and tanks
  • Sealing damaged radiators, hydraulic/pneumatic systems and pipes
  • Securing marine fuel oil leaks
  • Sealing holes, cracks, positive and negative pressure leaks

M3 provides rapid repair in situations that challenge more conventional approaches.