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Forecasting Microbiological Sour Gas Production Using Dynamictvs©

Oilfield SouringWe’re looking forward to presenting our innovations in oilfield reservoir souring forecasting at the Marine Corrosion Forum – Tuesday 30th April, Palm Court Hotel, Aberdeen.

Requiring corrosion-resistant topsides equipment, costly sulphate removal plants and chemical dosing regimes, oilfield reservoir souring control is a hugely expensive business.

With the cost of souring control rumoured to consume as much as a third of typical production budgets, it is clearly essential for operators to be able to identify a souring risk early enough to ensure that it can be treated cost-effectively.

Souring is viewed to have taken place when increasing concentrations of hydrogen sulphide are observed in crude oil production. However, it can take several years of secondary recovery operations, and resulting microbial activity, before any increased souring is detected in fluid output.

At the Marine Corrosion Forum, we will be demonstrating how through the use of our specially developed pressurised bioreactors and our DynamicTVS© predictive oilfield souring tool, we are able to forecast if, when, and to what degree a reservoir will sour – all in good time for economical remedial strategies to be put in place.