Molten Metal Manipulation

M3 for Energy


Rawwater's Molten Metal Manipulation (M3) technology provides novel solutions to a wide range of sealing challenges in the oil & gas sector. A combination of proven application techniques for different environments, and the ability to seal, encapsulate and fix components using specially formulated metal alloys at low temperature - both in air and under water - makes M3 highly suited to onshore, offshore and subsea applications, as well as to tackling unique and unexpected problems.

Example applications include:

Plugging & Abandonment and zonal isolation

Deployed downhole, M3 alloys offer a proven alternative to the use of cement for P&A activities and zonal isolation, with the opportunity for significant cost savings, no requirement for costly rig vessels and higher levels of integrity.

Well systems integrity

Employing the same expertise and deployment techniques as Plugging & Abandonment, M3 can be used to re-establish the integrity of an oil well with a high-quality metal seal cast in situ.

Pipework systems integrity 

M3 can be used to restore integrity to damaged pipework systems. The process is especially useful in difficult to access areas.

Encapsulation of entire components

M3 offers a unique solution to integrity management challenges, including asset protection and the sealing/securing of entire components.

Instant patch repairs

M3 instant patch repairs are particularly useful as temporary seals to manage containment, restore functionality and provide emergency solutions.

M3 is highly suited to onshore, offshore and subsea applications in the oil & gas industries.