Molten Metal Manipulation

M3 for Nuclear


Rawwater's Molten Metal Manipulation (M3) technology is suited to a variety of operational challenges facing the nuclear industry. Its ability to seal, encapsulate and secure components using a corrosion-resistant metal alloy applied at low temperature and without hot work (welding) is unparalleled. Applied in air or under water, the M3 process uses specially developed application techniques.

Example applications include:

Repair of fractured concrete structures

Rawwater M3 alloys can be deployed either manually or remotely to provide instant, fully reversible crack sealing or joining solutions.

Repairs to damaged pipework

Pipework repairs can be completed in both challenging and difficult to access environments – all without the need for hot work. Application is typically carried out by kinetic (spray) application, in combination with a specially developed alignment and structural clamping process for civil structures (where the M3 alloy is applied using hydraulic pressure), or by using a novel alloy casting collar that has been specially developed for sealing pipes and flanges. 

Structural reinforcement and encapsulation

The capabilities of M3 enable fragile components to be reinforced or sealed, allowing them to be handled safely as part of decommissioning activities or other operational processes. M3 can be applied to integrity management, decommissioning, materials handling and emergency response (e.g. loss of containment) demands.


Our corrosion-resistant metal alloys have the ability to seal, encapsulate and secure components within the nuclear industry.