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Astrimar and Rawwater Sign Collaboration Agreement

Independent specialist engineering consultancy Astrimar has signed a collaboration agreement with Rawwater Engineering Company Limited. The agreement was signed at the SPE Aberdeen 9th Well Abandonment Symposium in June 2019.

Rawwater invented the Bismuth Plug and has successfully worked with Astrimar on two Innovate UK projects to qualify advanced bismuth alloys for plugging and abandonment as well as other sealing applications.

Building on earlier qualification and deployment activities, a range of novel alloys specifically formulated for plugging and abandonment has been developed by Rawwater, with extensive testing under simulated service pressures and temperatures. The result is a suite of alloys with operating envelopes to cover a variety of typical downhole geothermal conditions and sealing applications.

In parallel with the Rawwater testing activities, Astrimar has developed the STEM-flow tool. This predictive well integrity modelling software can be used to forecast long-term plug performance, reflecting the specific downhole well and casing conditions and plug material behaviour obtained from qualification tests. In addition to providing reliability and integrity assurance for the Rawwater bismuth plugs, the predictions from Astrimar’s numerical models can be used to support well P&A design risk assessments.

Through signing a collaboration agreement, Rawwater and Astrimar will provide a combined plug service provision, with well-specific seal performance forecasts.