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Rawwater opens office in Houston, Texas

Rawwater, the UK-based specialists in contract research and consultancy services for facilities design, oilfield souring and well abandonment, have opened an office in Houston, Texas, USA.

Rawwater’s new Houston office will be headed up by Don Maynard, a vastly experienced consultant in project and technical management for novel technologies relevant to the oil & gas industry.

“Since Rawwater was established some 18 years ago, we have served the needs of oil & gas majors globally,” comments Rawwater’s managing director, Dr Bob Eden. “From our base in Houston, Texas, we will be better placed to meet the needs of US operators working both onshore and offshore. We have partnered with Don Maynard and his associates on various projects over the years and now look forward to working with them even more closely.”

Rawwater’s services to the oil & gas industry include reservoir souring and simulation. By using its DynamicTVS© thermal viability shell predictive souring model, the company analyses both operational and reservoir souring data to enable clients to make informed and cost-effective decisions relating to material selection, production and remedial chemical treatment.

With its background in expanding metal technology spanning more than 20 years, Rawwater is also advancing the use of bismuth plugs as an alternative to cement for sealing abandoned oil wells and securing failed abandonments that had previously been plugged with cement.

Invented by Dr Bob Eden, Rawwater full-scale abandonment plugs were first deployed in Alberta, Canada in 2010, marking a world-first in metal-to-metal plugging technologies. Although suitable for low temperature wells, the common bismuth-tin eutectic is insufficient for the rigors of offshore deep well abandonments. Therefore, in order to meet plug life of the specified industry minimum of at least 3000 years, Rawwater is actively developing new alloys to meet this challenge.

“We are incredibly excited to be establishing an official base for Rawwater’s operations in the United States,” adds Don Maynard. “We look forward to presenting the benefits of Rawwater’s DynamicTVS© predictive souring model and technologies such as the Rawwater bismuth plug and downhole seals to oil and service companies in the region.”