Rawwater Souring Services

Our expertise in microbiological oilfield souring, reservoir simulation and souring forecasting gives clients the confidence to take informed and cost-effective decisions relating to material selection, production and remedial chemical treatment. Using our specially developed pressurised bioreactors, we have accrued the equivalent of many hundreds of years of oilfield souring data. Our reservoir simulation techniques and souring modelling capability present oil operators with the opportunity to save millions of dollars.

Reservoir simulation

Reservoir Simulation

Our purpose-built laboratories replicate the downhole world. Through the use of pressurised bioreactors, we design bespoke reservoir and waterflood simulations to help clients make informed commercial decisions.

Reservoir forecasting

Souring Forecasting

DynamicTVS© (Thermal Viability Shell) is our predictive software modelling program for the forecasting of oilfield reservoir souring. The model uses operational and oil reservoir survey data to forecast biogenic hydrogen sulfide (H2S) production over the lifetime of an oilfield reservoir. DynamicTVS© is described in the original publication, ''Oilfield Reservoir Souring'', by Eden, Laycock and Fielder.

Reservoir workshops and consultancy

Workshops & Consultancy

With unrivalled knowledge of the design and materials used across injection and production facilities, we provide workshops, training courses and consultancy services in the fields of souring, water chemistry and souring control. Workshops and training are available at venues globally and are ideal for clients who want to improve their understanding of reservoir souring and souring prediction.