Reservoir Simulation

Souring Research

Oilfield souring presents unique challenges to the operator; devaluing oil and enhancing corrosion, increasing materials costs and operational expenditure. Having conducted oilfield research for over twenty years, our scientists are world-leading experts in souring management. Rawwater can conduct research at temperatures and pressures that mimic specific oilfields and help operators determine the most cost-effective treatment.

Souring Control

Rawwater has purpose-built laboratories operating pressurised bioreactors under many conditions that enable us to determine the efficacy of various biocides and water treatment regimens upon different microbial populations.

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

Enhanced oil recovery is the use of specialised techniques to increase the quantity and value of the produced oil. Rawwater is at the forefront of EOR technology. We provide clients with information to enable them to achieve more oil production through this technique. By working with individual companies we are able to advise the most cost-effective way of controlling hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

Case Studies

Bioreactor Studies
Rawwater has conducted 'Seriatim' series research over ten years. Through the results of this work, both operators and suppliers are able to gain an increased understanding of the effects water chemistry can have on levels of oil production, souring mitigation and the appropriate treatment for individual reservoirs.
Bioreactor results

Bioreactor Software Suite

Enhanced Oil Recovery Studies
Rawwater has developed an extensive understanding of increased oil recovery through our single and multi-client bioreactor work.
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