Souring Forecasting

Reservoir Forecasting


DynamicTVS© (Thermal Viability Shell) is a predictive reservoir souring tool that can determine if, when and to what extent a reservoir will sour. Developed over many years, the software modelling program uses operational, planning and survey data to generate future profiles of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in all phases under any temperature and pressure conditions. The DynamicTVS© model describes the cooling of an oil reservoir due to water-flooding, the opportunity for growth of sulfate-reducing microorganisms (SRM) in the cooled zone, the transport of the H2S produced by the SRM to the producer and the downhole and topsides partitioning of the sulfide at specified pressures and temperatures.

DynamicTVS© and our pressurised bioreactor suites provide complementary technologies. Forecasts from the modelling program are used to verify the findings of our pressurised bioreactor studies: bioreactor data is fed back into DynamicTVS©, making it the industry standard for H2S forecasting in oilfield reservoirs.

We offer workshops and training courses on oilfield souring control, the use of our forecasting software and the application of forecasting results. These forecasts can then be tested using our pressurised bioreactors and our extensive bioreactor database. For organisations interested in using DynamicTVS©, we can also provide an anonymised demonstration that uses genuine field data. For more details, contact us.

The DynamicTVS© software can predict a reservoir's propensity to sour in advance of well completion. Once the base trace is established, a real-time sensitivities processor is used to examine the effects of changes to multiple parameters. Rawwater has conducted a large number of reservoir forecasts on fields in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, West Africa and the Middle East.

View a demonstration video of our DynamicTVS© sensitivity processor in action


Our sulfide-partitioning calculator, Z-pred calculates equilibrium sulfide concentrations in aqueous, oil and gas phases for any temperature, pressure and water chemistry. It is essential for understanding the severity of oilfield reservoir souring. The software also forms part of the modules used in DynamicTVS©.

Z-pred provides calculation of the partitioning of hydrogen sulfide in all wellstream fluid phases for both two-phase and three-phase systems under defined downhole and topside conditions.

TVS graph example

DynamicTVS© Sensitivity Processor

DynamicTVS© can determine if, when and to what extent a reservoir will sour. It generates future profiles of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) allowing corrective actions to be trialled.

Z-pred result example

Example Z-pred Result