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Welcome to Rawwater. The Rawwater Group works for the oil industry providing contract research and consultancy in the fields of materials science, well technology and water management. We combine engineering with reservoir microbiology to deliver solutions for facilities design, oilfield souring and well abandonment.

  • Rawwater accrues the most extensive oilfield souring dataset
    On 9th October 2018, our pressurised bioreactor laboratories accrued the equivalent of 400 years' worth of oilfield souring data.
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  • Dynamic TVS souring model saves over $100 million
    Rawwater has used its reservoir souring forecasting model to provide a leading operator with savings estimated to exceed $100 million.
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  • Rawwater opens office in Houston, Texas
    Rawwater, the UK-based specialists in contract research and consultancy services for facilities design, oilfield souring and well abandonme…
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  • Establishing The Creep Parameters Of Novel Alloys
    An OGIC-funded partnership between oilfield services company Rawwater and the University of Aberdeen, is establishing the creep behaviour of…
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  • Rawwater comes of age!
    Rawwater celebrates 18 years as a leading name in oilfield reservoir souring simulation and forecasting and pioneering work in the use of no…
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