Across the globe, Rawwater's activities in reservoir souring & simulation services, well technology and metal seals & encapsulation are making a real impact. To keep up to speed with our innovations and achievements, please bookmark our news page and visit it regularly.

Rawwater Engineering Company Moves into Japanese Nuclear Sector

24 September 2019

Rawwater has today announced a contract that will take the company into the Japanese nuclear sector

Rawwater to present DynamicTVS© at ICorr Technical

28 August 2019

Matt Streets, one of our Senior Project Officers, will be presenting at the ICorr (Institute of Corrosion) Aberdeen Technical Event on Tuesday, 29th October 2019.

Appointed Honorary Professor in Earth and Environmental Sciences

12 August 2019

The University of Manchester has appointed Dr Robert Eden, Rawwater's Managing Director, as an Honorary Professor in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, within the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Astrimar and Rawwater Sign Collaboration Agreement

04 July 2019

Independent specialist engineering consultancy Astrimar has signed a collaboration agreement with Rawwater Engineering Company Limited.

A World-First For Rawwater:
The 3,000-Year-Life Underwater Cast Metal Seal

06 June 2019

We are looking forward to showcasing our development of novel alloys for oil well plugging and abandonment at the 9th SPE Well Abandonment Symposium – 26th and 27th June 2019, Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre.

Rawwater's MD visits Buckingham Palace!

21 May 2019

Rawwater's MD visits Buckingham Palace!

Investigating The Impact Of Extended Shut-In Periods On Microbiological Activity During Secondary Oil Recovery

13 May 2019

The accurate forecasting of an oilfield’s propensity to sour due to microbiological activity is essential for cost-effective treatment - this is something that Rawwater excels at.

Forecasting Microbiological Sour Gas Production Using Dynamictvs©

03 April 2019

Innovations in oilfield reservoir souring forecasting at the Marine Corrosion Forum

Meet Rawwater At The SPE International Conference On Oilfield Chemistry

25 March 2019

8 - 9 April 2019, Moody Gardens Hotel and Convention Center, Galveston, Texas

Oilfield souring control – and the importance of Rawwater’s pressurised bioreactors

20 February 2019

With the cost of oilfield reservoir souring control rumoured to consume as much as a third of typical production budgets, it is vital that operators are able to accurately assess whether souring is taking place in their fields – and to understand the level of souring, including how to treat it effectively.

Rawwater: building on the achievement of ISO 9001:2015

20 December 2018

Earlier this year, Rawwater successfully made the transition from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015.

Better understanding the hydraulically fractured shale ecosystem

24 October 2018

Academic collabrator, Dr Sophie Nixon, presented research on microbial biofouling during shale gas extraction at the 2018 Reservoir Microbiology Forum

Rawwater accrues the most extensive oilfield souring dataset

15 October 2018

On 9th October 2018, our pressurised bioreactor laboratories accrued the equivalent of 400 years' worth of oilfield souring data.

Dynamic TVS souring model saves over $100 million

01 September 2018

Rawwater has used its reservoir souring forecasting model to provide a leading operator with savings estimated to exceed $100 million.

Rawwater opens office in Houston, Texas

01 August 2018

Rawwater, the UK-based specialists in contract research and consultancy services for facilities design, oilfield souring and well abandonment, have opened an office in Houston, Texas, USA.

Establishing The Creep Parameters Of Novel Alloys for Well Plugging and Abandonment

16 July 2018

An OGIC-funded partnership between oilfield services company Rawwater and the University of Aberdeen, is establishing the creep behaviour of a range of novel alloys for gas and oil well plugging and abandonment.

Rawwater comes of age!

15 June 2018

Rawwater celebrates 18 years as a leading name in oilfield reservoir souring simulation and forecasting and pioneering work in the use of novel alloys for plugging well abandonments and providing high integrity seals in other systems.

Bringing molten metal manipulation to SciTec 2018

23 April 2018

Rawwater, the Warrington-based molten metal underwater casting specialist, will present its novel means of sealing cracks in pipework and civil structures at SciTec 2018, the NNL Science and Technology Conference.

Rawwater and Astrimar awarded Innovate UK funding

18 April 2018

Rawwater and Astrimar have been awarded Innovate UK funding for the qualification of bismuth plugs for well abandonment.